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Whiel approving comments I came across a link to Flagg’s discussion of protocol from a French website. Thanks to online translation, I can even read it! The original link Translated by Google Translated by Live (choose French -> English)

Training vs. Romance: The View from the East Wing

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The East Wing Perspective on Protocols in The Estate: What and Why When we formed The Estate, it was with the specific goal of codifying what we like into a structured, well thought-out and consistent set of rules and guidelines that could be used all the time. Our feeling is, it should never be necessary to go outside the system… … Read More

The West Wing Perspective on Protocols: Intent and Practice

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The West Wing Perspective on Protocols: Intent and Practice To clarify my terms: There may be some confusion as to what a Protocol is- I would first like to point out what a protocol is not. Protocol is not ritual, although it may contain ritual elements. Ritual is a behavior, repeated by situation or on demand. The purpose of ritual … Read More