Flagg’s Passing

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As many in the community know, Flagg passed away around 23:10 on 10/06/2009 due to complications after a double organ transplant. All of us here in his pack are devastated by his loss and I am sure each of us will, in their own spaces, comment upon his passing as we feel the need. While in recent years Flagg’s illness … Read More

Review of Flagg Panel at TES

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“Swearing Allegiance to the Flagg : Top form from a dominant leader” by 007 Although his public appearances in the local scene have been scarce recently, TES Parliamentarian Flagg commanded a major presence on February 21st when he came to TES to speak on “doubt and Dominance”. A packed house of tops, dominants, Masters, and the wonderful people who serve … Read More

The West Wing Perspective on Protocols: Intent and Practice

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The West Wing Perspective on Protocols: Intent and Practice To clarify my terms: There may be some confusion as to what a Protocol is- I would first like to point out what a protocol is not. Protocol is not ritual, although it may contain ritual elements. Ritual is a behavior, repeated by situation or on demand. The purpose of ritual … Read More