Flagg – West Wing – Manners and Etiquette

Note: On 10/06/2009 at 23:10, Flagg passed away. You can read more about the event here. His entry has been preserved on this page as it was in memoriam.

Flagg has been a member of the Estate since it’s inception in 97. He is a long standing member of TES, NYC’s longest known running BDSM community and has sat on the board. He is currently the TES Board Arbitrator. Flagg has given many lectures, been on several panels, and is currently doing a "For Fun & Profit" series of Seminars hosted at Purple Passion in NYC.

"I have always been fascinated by human communication and social dynamics, and the engines and machineries of motive. This reflects itself in Dominance, as well as my other interests -  storytelling, film, art and literature, hypnotism, and neuro-linguistic programming.

I write and illustrate, and spend a great deal of time defining and refining my skills and relationships. I like horror novels and films, cartoons and comics, antiques, and sharp, sharp shiny things."

Soulhuntre – East Wing – Integration and Companion Training

A founder of the Estate and long standing member of TES and DSF, Soulhuntre resides in New Jersey and has given talks on BDSM and been on several panels discussing training,  punishment, and the core concepts of owning and training property.

"I am male, 43 years old and, as it turns out, I am a dominant personality. My clear interest in the way that power plays a part in the relationships between humans has been with me as long as I have been aware that humans had relationships.

My interests include everything from the two incredible girls in my life to the 12 foot bullwhip to operating system design and programming. Currently, it is the technical side of my life that provides my primary sustenance."

Sir C – North Wing – Observation and Invisibility

Sir C, is a female dominant who is active in many of the BDSM communities such as TES, MAST: Metro NY, Les Cercle des Dommes, and LSM. She currently resides in Pennsylvania. She has been on many panels, given several talks, and was the head of the Bondage Sig for TES.

"In addition to the activities above, I spend a bit of time on the design and construction of scene-related objects. One of my aspirations is nurturing that into a self-sufficient business. My non-scene interests include scuba-diving, rollerblading, hiking, performance art, and horse-back riding."