Basic Roles in a Household

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Practice The practice of using chess pieces to represent the different broad categories of service is as old as The Estate itself and is a fast, intuitive and practical method. It has been our experience that every household has the majority of the pieces represented, even if they are embodied in one submissive. The larger households can generally afford the … Read More

A World in Four Parts

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For our purposes, we can divide the population into four primary groups. As it is inevitable the the language of this discussion will be prejudicial if someone were to wish to misunderstand, or to take it out of context, I will make no attempt to pretty it up… instead, I am going to embrace those terms as much for their … Read More

What’s all this then?

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So, what >is< going on here? A fair amount of traffic is coming as a result of the TES lecture last night, and I have gotten some email wondering what happened to this website in the interim. We moved to some new software, and experimented with moving to a "Wiki" based format for this site, but it didn’t really work … Read More