Basic Skills Workshop: Service with Flagg

Saturday Aug 27 – BASIC SKILLS SERIES: Service Workshop What it is, and what it isn’t. Is it expected? Mandatory? When is it appropriate? What can I expect, and what’s too much? Is it exploitation? Is it hot? These questions and more are addressed by...

Seminar: Flagg

Gender Privilage with Cory and Flagg at TES July 27th. It influences our interactions, our expectations, our kink, our sex, and ourselves. Corey and Flagg break it down: How to see it, understand it, twist, and turn it to effect your D/s, S/M, sex and your...

News: Online Seminar Admissions Open

Flagg is now opening up admission to his first of 3 online interactive Seminars, MindFucks (For Fun and Profit). The date is yet to be determined. This class will be held again if there is an overflow of interested people. The class will be 25$.

Role: Pawn

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