Flagg’s Passing

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As many in the community know, Flagg passed away around 23:10 on 10/06/2009 due to complications after a double organ transplant. All of us here in his pack are devastated by his loss and I am sure each of us will, in their own spaces, comment upon his passing as we feel the need. While in recent years Flagg’s illness … Read More

Updated formatting…

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Over the next little while we will be re-formatting some of the older articles here on The Estate. First to get the treatment was The East Wing Perspective on Protocols in the Estate: What and Why. Enjoy!

Speaking of how cool we are…

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Whiel approving comments I came across a link to Flagg’s discussion of protocol from a French website. Thanks to online translation, I can even read it! The original link Translated by Google Translated by Live (choose French -> English)

Why So Quiet?

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Things have been quite on this site – yet obviously SirC, Flagg and I have been busy and active in the community. This seems to be confusing some people. Because we are so visible and active we find that folks get confused at how rarely this website is updated. The reasons are simple… we have been very busy on projects … Read More

Remember us? It’s been a while!

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The Estate is currently basically dormant while Flagg recovers from a temporary illness and SirC learns a trade that involves (and I am not kidding) running her hands all over the seriously wounded flesh of strangers. There is a lot going on with us though and there are a lot of ways to keep up with it. Power In Practice … Read More

TESFEST without a hitch!

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Now that TESFest is over, The Estate is back home and recovering from a wonderful event. Everyone worked very hard to make sure the event ran smoothly with lots of fun for all to be had.  Flagg’s seminars where widely recieved, often closing out the room with it’s attendees. Some came 45 mins early just to make sure they had … Read More

Review of Soulhuntre Panel at TES

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“A panel on Dominance” by 007  What do you get when you combine three knowledgeable dominants, three loving submissives, and Sir Guy of Brownsville dressed to the nines in a business suit? You get one amazing panel on the nature of Dominance, and that’s what local TES members got on March 1. The dominants in question were Philip, Talon, and … Read More

Review of Flagg Panel at TES

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“Swearing Allegiance to the Flagg : Top form from a dominant leader” by 007 Although his public appearances in the local scene have been scarce recently, TES Parliamentarian Flagg commanded a major presence on February 21st when he came to TES to speak on “doubt and Dominance”. A packed house of tops, dominants, Masters, and the wonderful people who serve … Read More

Soulhuntre on Tes Panel: Dominant Men/submissive women: “Defining Dominance: What Makes a Dominant a Dominant?”

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A panel of both Dominants and submissives will be discussing what makes a Dominant… Spiritual and psychological aspects will be emphasized over the physical implementation of dominance.   Soulhuntre will be on this panel to discuss his view. Flagg will also be in attendance on this evening. 260 West 36th Street 3rd Floor, NYC Between 7th and 8th Avenues

Welcome TES visitors!

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Welcome to all those checking in after the TES workshop. Follow the link to CollarCult to see what’s happening with the new content I promised!