Remember us? It’s been a while!

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The Estate is currently basically dormant while Flagg recovers from a temporary illness and SirC learns a trade that involves (and I am not kidding) running her hands all over the seriously wounded flesh of strangers.

There is a lot going on with us though and there are a lot of ways to keep up with it.

  • Power In Practice is a BDSM oriented podcast that Flagg and I and Daddy David have been doing at intervals.
  • Flagg can be kept up with on his LiveJournal even as you read this!
  • I (Soulhuntre) have been blogging lots at various places. Check my main blog and also Herdwatching, which is my social commentary blog.
  • SirC does not blog.

Flagg will be back in action fairly soon and by the end of this year I have some plans for in person teaching seminars I might be able to talk him into as well as a non-Estate but related series of podcasts on service topics.

Stay tuned!

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