Review of Soulhuntre Panel at TES

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“A panel on Dominance” by 007

 What do you get when you combine three knowledgeable dominants, three loving submissives, and Sir Guy of Brownsville dressed to the nines in a business suit? You get one amazing panel on the nature of Dominance, and that’s what local TES members got on March 1. The dominants in question were Philip, Talon, and Ken Soulhuntre, with the lovely LaRubia, Rita, and Ginger as the submissives. All six members of the panel had a lot to say about what inspires a submissive to want to follow the orders and wants of a top they’re attracted to, as well as the concept of what “24-7” means to them. The discussion touched on a number of ideas regarding self-awareness, confidence, and the image that we all present of ourselves. We thank all of our participants for a very thought-provoking evening.