Basic Roles in a Household

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The practice of using chess pieces to
represent the different broad categories of
service is as old as The Estate itself and is a
fast, intuitive and practical method.

It has been our experience that every
household has the majority of the pieces
represented, even if they are embodied in one
submissive. The larger households can generally
afford the luxury of multiple submissives
specializing in the areas and type of service
assigned to them.

The more specifically a submissive’s training
can be concentrated on excelling in one of these
broad categories, the greater their chances of
achieving that excellence. This desire must be
balanced on the part of the owner with the need
for utility.

It would rarely make sense, for example, to
train a highly skilled Rook in a specific skill,
like chauffeur, if that submissive will be the
only servitor in the household. Rather, one
would expect such a household to posses a
skilled Pawn or Queen, who could fill in as
needed as a driver.

As you read the definitions of the pieces,
remember that this system is useful for it’s
flexibility, it is not a series of absolute
pigeon holes.

The following is an except from
the world in four parts” written by

"For our purposes, we can divide the population
into three primary groups. As it is inevitable
the the language of this discussion will be
prejudicial if someone were to wish to
misunderstand, or to take it out of context, I
will make no attempt to pretty it up… instead,
I am going to embrace those terms as much for
their ancient connotations as the definitions I
will bestow upon them…"