Practice, Theory and Politics

Q- Can you give us a brief history of The Estate?

An article about this is coming soon.

Q- How many people are involved in The Estate?

There are three Trainers, their submissives, and several trainees
currently involved in The Estate. For more about the trainers, check out the

Q- What are the positions one can train for?

The positions are based on a medieval chess board in that there are 5
basic pieces. In order of lowest rank to highest they are: Pawn, Rook,
Knight, Bishop, and Queen. We do not train submissives for the station of

Q- How can I become (or have my sub become) a trainee?

Contact one of the Trainers for
more information.

Q- How long does it take to train a submissive?

It all depends on the ultimate goal of the trainee and how often the
submissive is available for training. Some only take a few months while
others train for years.

Q- What are the living arrangements for trainees at The Estate?

That is dependent on how long the trainee can stay for training, and what
positions the submissive is training for. It might range from sleeping on
the floor in a corner to only coming during the daylight.

Q- Whose responsibility are the costs involved for rent or hotel bills while
in visiting or in training?

The trainee, or Owner. We will try and work with those who have special

Q- Does The Estate train both male and female submissives?

Yes. We have two male Trainers and one female Trainer on staff. We also
train submissives of all sexual orientations.

Q- Is sexual service required while in training?

It is near impossible to complete the training without it, but it is not

Q- Do you only accept thin submissives for training or will you train a BBW /

That depends a lot on what the trainee is looking to be trained AS, and
what the potential owners will be looking for.

In principal, The Estate will train BBW / BBM’s.

Q- Can you describe a typical day for a trainee at The Estate?

No 🙂 It depends so much on duration of stay, training goals and

Q- Does a submissive have to be trained by all the Doms in The Estate or can
one be asked for specifically?

Each trainee is sponsored by a Trainer and then cross trained by the
others to receive to most The Estate can offer. Arrangements can be made to
specify, but it is not encouraged.

Q- How do Estate trainers deal with problems that arise from time to time and
what is the mechanism for dealing with any issues that might arise?

Discussion, followed by the rendering of a decision by the staff.

Q- Does a trainee coming to The Estate have to be released from their
Master’s collar ?

No. Trainees are still the property of their Owner and ultimately under
that person’s authority. We must assume that the Owner wouldn’t use that
authority to interfere with Estate training. Otherwise there’d be no point
in sending the trainee to The Estate in the first place.

Q- Is a trainee considered collared property of The Estate and not their
Master’s while training?

No. Trainees remain the property of their Owner. However, during Estate
functions, all trainees are expected to wear Estate collars.

Q- Does The Estate have contact with the trainee’s Owner before, during, or
after the process?

We encourage contact throughout the process. We expect Owners to visit
often and communicate with us about how it’s going and the progress being

Q- What types of things may a trainee have to endure (caning, bullwhips,
needles etc.) ?

There are minimum standards that will be met in such things and those are
determined largely by position. For example a general use submissive who has
no specific owner in mind can expect to experience a broad range of such
things and more so he/she will be familiar with them.

Q- Are there personal possession rules or dress codes for Estate trainees?

Once again, length of stay and position will decide such things.

Q- While in training, is a submissive allowed free time to make phone calls,
attend movies, go shopping, etc.?

It depends on the duration of the training and the stay. If the trainee
could only come to The Estate on weekends, then very little free time would
be allowed.

Q- How much money do you require to train a submissive?

There is no actual fee to train at The Estate because it is NOT a profit
organization. Trainees will incur some expenses because The Estate requires
every submissive to own several standard non-sharable items (plugs and gags)
that are made specifically for each trainee. The collar, cuffs, gags, etc.
total approximately $250. These items then belong to the trainee to take
home at the end of their stay.

Q- What kind of things must a submissive be able to do before "graduating"
from The Estate?

Because of the complexity of the question, there is no way to give a
definitive answer.

Q-  Can we make arrangements to have one of you come and speak to our

Depending on the date and time, it’s possible that arrangements can be
made. Contact us with information
about when, where, and what you are interested in us speaking on and we will
get back to you as soon as possible. Please also make sure you request the
specific person if you want to hear from a particular speaker.


Feel free to contact us
with any further questions.