As many in the community know, Flagg passed away around 23:10 on 10/06/2009 due to complications after a double organ transplant. All of us here in his pack are devastated by his loss and I am sure each of us will, in their own spaces, comment upon his passing as we feel the need.

While in recent years Flagg’s illness and other projects we were all involved in had taken time away from our work here at The Estate we all believed we would get back to it someday. We could see the results of the seeds we had planted as they shaped the discourse and community of BDSM, we were waiting for the time to be right to return in this form…

Obviously, our timing was off.

What will happen with The Estate is something we are unsure of at this time. I do know that this event has brought home to us how important the concepts we forged in our founding are. They are even now guiding our actions as we make our choices in the wake of this loss.

For now, it will remain as it was – with its large gaps of time broken by the still relevant and insightful writings of our fallen comrade within it.

Many have asked us if they can donate in his memory, and we have made available the means to do so. It is by no means required and rest assured no one will be out on the street if you do not do so.

Thank you for your support over the years… watch this space.


note: I have blogged on the loss, feel free to follow this link if you desire