Things have been quite on this site – yet obviously SirC, Flagg and I have been busy and active in the community. This seems to be confusing some people. Because we are so visible and active we find that folks get confused at how rarely this website is updated. The reasons are simple… we have been very busy on projects tangential to but supportive of The Estate.  The Estate has always been a tool, and at the moment we are using other tools.

Personally, I am proud that our body of work here on this site, along with our in person teaching and presentations, have stood the test of time. When we add an article or other media (hint for the future) here, it is able to stand alongside that content.

When Flagg, SirC or I do something individually or any two of us get together to work on something we tend not to call it an "Estate" project. The brand of The Estate carries a tone and unity that we are careful to preserve. It has taken us nearly a decade to build the trust that exists in The Estate, we will always respect that.

So relax and enjoy seeing us in the other things we are doing at the moment. You will find that we are continuing to teach, discuss and expand on the ideas at the core of The Estate as we fertilize the ground for some Estate projects we have up our sleeves. The time isn’t quite right yet, but we are working on it.

That all being said, watch this space!